About your Privacy using Year of Colour

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Signing in

When you sign in to Year of Colour using Instagram, you are redirected to to approve access to your account.

Signing in happens in, and there is no way for us to see your account password. Instead, Instagram allows us temporary access to your account to be able to view your images. This happens by Instagram issuing us a "token", that we use to call Instagram's API (Application Programming Interface). You can read more about the Instagram API.

Us viewing your images

Once you are signed in and we have a "token", we're able to view all of your images in your account in order to generate your colour report. If you are concerned about a third party service being able to do this, then please do not sign in. If you are concerned about this after you have finished using the app, press "Sign out". This will expire your token and it will mean that we are no longer able to view your images.

Why we ask for email

This is a side project built by me, Stef. As such, it can be a little bit temperamental and prone to errors at times. Plus, the colour reports sometimes take a long time, or even sometimes fail to generate. So the safest thing is to email everyone their reports. We don't do very much with your email afterwards, but you'll occasionally hear from Year of Colour to say that new report types are available - "Your Spring colours" and things like that. You can opt out of these.

Generating a report

To generate a report, we request "pages" of images from the Instagram API. We check each page and gather any images that are in the period of time the report covers. We store the information about each Instagram post that's within the period in our database.

Then, the system downloads each of the images, temporarily into memory, checks out the awesome colours it contains, stores those colours in the database and then *poof*, we forget the image and don't store it anywhere. So, we deliberately don't take copies of your images, but we do store the colour values. This means that your actual images shouldn't "leak" to anyone accidentally.

Then, your reports are stored in the database. These reports are publicly available to anyone, but only if they know the ID of the report (the long, random string of characters you see in the web address). If you're not comfortable with your report being public, then either please don't use the service, or use it, and then delete your Year of Colour account once you're done (see below).

Your user data

I've designed the system to only store a minimal amount of information about you, but we do need to store your Instagram ID, username, email (as I've explained above), your image data (temporarily while we are generating reports), and your colour reports.

To erase all that data, you can delete your account. That wipes everything out - all your colours, images, everything. But this does not in any way affect your Instagram account. You won't lose anything.

For now, to request deletion, please email me at with the title "Deletion". I'll be adding a way to delete your data yourself in the coming weeks.


So, how do we pay for all the servers and complicated tech stuff that powers Year of Colour? Well, a couple of ways - you can become a subscriber, which is awesome and you're supporting the project as well as getting extra features. And... advertising. This is a new experiment for this project. You might see ads in a few places around the website. You can opt out of those ads on the respective services that are present, and the plan is that if you have a subscription you do not see them any more. So, we're going to be sending your activity data to the advertisers, which may mean you see some of those "follow you around the internet" type ads here. The site costs money to run, so your patience and understanding here is appreciated!